About Us


Since 2002 and more than 100 events planned with refinement and passion, Infinite Cre8ivity has the greatest team in town for your event planning.

At Infinite Cre8ivity, we pride ourselves on being the most sought after full-service event planning company; pushing the limits every day to deliver the most spectacular and extraordinary events. We combine our passions for luxurious style and captivating entertainment to produce award-winning events.

Our company specializes in producing luxury weddings, innovative corporate events and high-society social events. Known for our unparalleled customer service, privileged access to venues and a star-studded client list we will ensure that every aspect of every event is planned and executed with the utmost perfection from start to finish.

Aside from the events, we are also proud to introduce you to our team of professionals in the field of music. In every event, we always make sure to provide our clients with most suitable and artists to bring forth a fantastic and unforgettable event. Our powerhouse team can be accessed on this link www.infinite-cre8ivity.com/artists/

Additionally, we are pleased to inform you that we are a sister company of Jacknation that is very well known in the entertainment industry. you may visit it at www.deejayjack.com

Sincerely Yours,

Infinite Cre8ivity Team

Meet the Team

Jack Aldo - Chief Creative Officer

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Keith Manning - Technical Director

Having gained extensive experience with a range of technologies applicable primarily in Entertainment, Events, Theme parks, interactive systems, Automation, and media distribution, Keith is the dork of the group and serves to find solutions to support the creative team.

Kharlie Manning - Marketing and Events Manager

Kharlie is bossy and likes being organized so she is in charge of task delegation and making sure deadlines are met. She facilitates interactions between internal and external parties and handles external communication. In other words, when you can’t get ahold of Jack call Kharlie! She also knows projectors inside and out. She is passionate about reading, music of any genre, spooky movies and yoga.

Pierre lastname - Managing Director

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Tyran Carstens - Engineering Manager

Tyran’s passion lies in Design and Simulation. His aptitude for simulation and engineering is equaled only by his passion for the same. With a background in Physical Training, Tyran’s considered the ‘Level-headed’ individual that brings stability and security to the company. A.K.A The muscle.

Jamie Brannon - Commercial Manager

Jamie is a well-travelled 20-year-old with a passion for finance and communication. As Manning Enterprise’s Commercial Manager it is his role to account for all cash flow and resource allocation, including digitizing all invoices, quotations, expenses and financial accounts. Ensuring Manning Enterprises is only working on projects that are profitable or beneficial to the company is included in Jamie’s responsibility. The assembly of all business documentation, such as proposals, reports and contracts are orchestrated by Jamie. The assessment of potential business development opportunities is one of his strengths. Jamie is also an asset on-site as he has good communication skills and adequate technical understanding meaning he can be reactive and strive in both leadership and team member roles. Jamie prides himself on his sporting ability and knowledge and was a diehard England Rugby supporter until November 2nd 2019. Jamie was an international student and has lived in four drastically different environments (UAE, Thailand, Germany & UK) which has equipped him with a unique cultural understanding.